Osteopathy has a great range of techniques and approaches – from gentle focused manipulation of joints and stretching tight muscles to very subtle techniques that require no movement and a lot of patience. The variety of techniques also means that osteopathy can help patients from any age with various complaints. Thus osteopathy is one of the few manual therapies that provide techniques gentle enough for a new born and adaptable and appropriate for a pregnant woman.


From day one of your pregnancy, your body starts to change and prepare for carrying and giving birth to a child. The curves change shape, the pelvis tilts, the hips widen and the internal organs have less and less space as the bump grows. Hormones that are responsible for ligamentous laxity are released to help loosen the joints and eventually allow the pelvis to widen enough for a baby to come through. Many future mothers experience pain in their neck, back, hips, knees and ankles; they feel short of breath as the lungs, diaphragm and ribs are compromised. Due to the rapid changes in posture and the increase weight, any underlying restrictions in the joints can worsen and become painful and new ones can occur. The muscles of the back and legs tighten, while those of the abdomen are stretched. Osteopathy can help relax muscular pain and address restrictions in the joints, so the pregnancy and birth can be as smooth and free as possible.


Birth for the baby can be a  traumatic experience, as the baby's soft skull and tiny body get compressed through the birth canal. The cranial sutures haven't yet fully ossified and any excessive pressure can compromise their position and irritate the cranial nerves. Twisted position in the uterus or while being born can cause imbalance and tension in the babies joints, muscles and organs. Thus, babies often find turning or sleeping on one side easier, as their body takes the position they are used to. This retained tension, compression or torsion can cause difficulties latching, colicky symptoms, irritability and sleeplessness. Parents often find their babies more relaxed with cranial osteopathy.

Children and Adolescents:

Children grow at amazing speed – the bones lengthen, muscles grow, cells duplicate and the nervous system becomes more and more complex. All of this processes require a great amount of coordination and balance. During rapid growth any traumas retained from birth or childhood can be exaggerated and worsened. Imbalances from growth or traumas can stay through adulthood and cause worsening problems. Osteopathy can help children develop and grow with a balanced posture, pain free and active.