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...I really enjoyed the talk last Tuesday and got more out of it than last time. I think because I had some ground knowledge this time, I came away remembering more information. Such a lot over a broad spectrum of subjects is covered, it took me this long to consolidate the information I received last time. I find them really interesting and like the way there is no set agenda so each talk is taken in the direction suited to whoever is there. Excellent again and I would recommend Hamish's practice to anyone. 

...Fab! Hamish is an inspiration! So pleased I could make it last night, it really helped me sort a few things out in my head. If Hamish does any further talks I'd love to come please!

... I really enjoyed the talk last evening, and feel that I have learned a lot more about fasting and approach to it in particular.... Hamish is very inspiring and made us feel welcome and relaxed in his lovely clinic.... I will be making an appointment to see him individually soon too!

...The talk from yesterday was very enjoyable and encouraging. Hamish was very good in promoting the fact, that just small steps of change regarding diet (towards fasting) were to be valued - this I found very helpful. I came away feeling very positive. I have always found nutrition very interesting and at certain times it has helped me and /or my family towards health, I feel it is very powerful and important. Thank you

... thought it was great, gave me the kick up the bottom I needed.

...I have even recommended my best friend contacts Hamish on a private basis as she really struggles with her weight which is possibly now causing her health problems and I really think he can help.

...Another great talk, thanks. Covered a lot of the same ground as before but I found it a useful refresher and feel more confident about putting it into practice 

...I thought the whole concept was fascinating, so much to take in I had no idea just how much the food thing impacted on as much as it did on so many aspects of our health and mind. Hamish has a way of putting things that definitely provided food for thought if you excuse the pun.

...The talk was very interesting. Not sure fasting will be good for me personally, but didn't want to discuss personal issues in front of everyone last night and will think about getting an appointment with Hamish to discuss.

...I found last night so interesting, I'm ready for a life style change and I'm starting today! I'm not going to be to ridged counting calories, just really watch what I eat. I'm going to try and buy the book today too as want as much info as possible.

...Thanks again. I'm really excited about this new discovery and please keep me in the loop of any other info you find out.

...I just wanted to write & say thank you again for the fast talk that I recently attended. I was so inspired by what you had to say and was just thrilled to see someone so completely passionate about nutrition and health.You are amazing at what you do.  My husband is hoping to attend a talk in the future, He would be keen to come and see you for a consultation.

...Even if I can’t get him to drink Kefir, Kombucha & apple cider vinegar, turns up his nose at my chia seeds & coconut oil, not interested in lemon verbena tea or Dr Bronners castille soap - he is trying fasting & really wants to treat his ailments with food & nutrition. He is committed to a healthy diet for our children & is keen to look after himself in a nutritional & healthy way, for life. He is loving raw milk! I would love to come to another talk in the future, on any subject really, I am keen to learn about looking after myself too! I am particularly interested in the type of food that would be beneficial to my body, and my family's. I am vegie. but my family arn’t, and would love to learn more about the power of food! Work tonight but I will try to eat healthily and less during my shift. Thanks again, so much

...It was absolutely great - although completely new to me, I found out and learnt so much, and for health reasons can't wait to start!!

...It was very thought provoking. I am completely new to the idea but have heard snippets from others so it was helpful to be able to understand a little more about the science behind it! Hamish is clearly very passionate about it and his new clinic is lovely!!

...I am going to buy 'the' book this week and get stuck in to that as I think that will help me get a better understanding of what is actually involved on a day to day basis, meal plans etc!!

...It was great - so much knowledge and enthusiasm!

...Thank you so much for organising the fast talk. Hamish was so interesting and knowledgeable and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2hrs and 20 minutes, we could have gone on all night! I've taken away lots of ideas and thoughts and am already implementing them, he is a very inspirational man. I don't think the £5 donation came close to reflecting the value of the session, but I am sure that Hamish will get a lot of referrals to the clinic as a result of being able to share with us the great work that he does there.

...The talk all in all, was useful and answered some questions. It was also good to share each other’s experiences thoughts and feelings. Hamish is certainly a very passionate man when it comes to nutrition matters. However, it was quite a lot to fit in in two hours. He lost me a bit towards the end.

...The evening was very informative and empowering. I did my first fast day yesterday, without any problems (apart from my husband eating chips in front of me, and offering sweets etc!).

...I so enjoyed last nights talk, it was super super duper.

...It was so interesting & I will definitely be taking the advice.

...Hamish is so passionate about what he does, and what he was explaining all made sense.

...If there were any other talks that I could go to I would certainly go again, or even for the same talk again as it would always be worth a recap.

...I will get hold of the fast diet book & give it a whirl.

...Hamish had so much good advice, it made me feel like I certainly wish I had started to gain control over my health sooner.

...Am I too old?! No, I can begin now, today!

...As I say I would love to go along again if the opportunity arose.

...I would love to learn more from Hamish about the type of foods that my body will love, and some of his thoughts on the health things some of us do at the moment such as kefir, raw milk & coconut oil etc etc!

...I woke up this a.m thinking 'Live life Love life'......x

...I found it very interesting and informative. Hamish is very passionate and that becomes infectious if I had a biology teacher like him I might have done better! Personally what I came away with is that you can do gentle fasting and still reap benefits it doesn't have to be so rigid as two days a week every week which I know I would struggle to keep up from the word go so starting gently is great. I would definitely be interested in future talks on different subjects. The feedback from other friends who attended was that they all found it interesting and could understand the health benefits.

...The talk was very interesting. Could have sat there a lot longer. Hamish is very knowledgeable and was great to meet him. I would certainly be interested in a follow up.

...I found last night so interesting, I'm ready for a life style change and I'm starting today! I'm not going to be to ridged counting calories, just really watch what I eat. I'm going to try and buy the book today too as want as much info as possible. Thanks again. I'm really excited about this new discovery and please keep me in the loop.

Follow up to fasting

  • Yes, we really enjoyed the evening's talk again. There was so much information from Hamish and we were captivated by all the subject areas that the time flew by and it was soon 10.30pm! There were four of us and our experiences were very different which was interesting.
  • This is not a criticism, but because Hamish is so knowledgeable in lots of areas, I think it is difficult for him to keep it simple (especially when we're asking lots of questions). Consequently, we touched on lots of diverse subjects and I would find it equally interesting to attend a whole evening on just one of the areas if he planned a series of talks. I definitely came away with lots of information to digest and am looking forward to the next one!
  • Last night was great - I can't get over how much Hamish knows? Its mind boggling. There was just 4 of us and we talked about our fasting experiences… Hamish then went on to talk about lymphercise, pro biotics, the importance of having a healthy gut for a good immune system, juicing, cleansing etc. So so much info all in one head. He is very inspiring.