Patients with low energy levels and the above diagnostic ‘labels’ usually arrive in clinic with a long list of seemingly unrelated symptoms (none of them bad enough to be clinically relevant in their own right); often with ‘normal’ blood results and having been told, after much investigation, that there is nothing obviously wrong. 

There can be many causes of fatigue which generally fall into six main causal categories, (which of course can have much overlap). These categories are Nutritional, Hormonal, Metabolic, Immunological, Psychological and Environmental. This is often presents a challenge but with the recent advances in functional medicine and laboratory testing, coupled with a long naturopathic approach to the consultation may discover potential causes of the symptoms not previously considered. 

Here at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic we never make promises, predictions, give guaranties or knowingly make claims that cannot be supported by evidence. However, very often if you are suffering from these conditions and have only sort treatment through the NHS and have not been to an experienced naturopath or osteopath then there is a high possibility that there are interventions that may help that you have not yet been advised of.

If you have chronic subclinical conditions not being well managed by other medical means then it may well be worth your while contacting the clinic. If you are confused with advice you have received elsewhere and would like a second opinion this is, of course, possible. (And as a patient of the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic you will be encouraged to seek other advice and provided with other avenues of information if you are in any way concerned with the treatment and advice you may be receiving.)