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 Once you have had a look at our fees please have a read of the important information below regarding the clinic's deposit system.




Approximate appointment duration 

Initial Naturopathic, Nutritional and Functional medicine Consultation 


(2 hours 30 minutes)

Follow up  


(1 hour 15 minutes)

Adult Phlebotomy  (the taking of blood) 


£20                     By Appointment Only (15 minutes)


Initial Osteopathic Consultation


 (1 hour 20 minutes)

Osteopathic Follow up


 (1 hour)

Initial Cranial Osteopathic Consultation


 (1 hour)

Cranial Osteopathic Follow up


 (45 minutes)

Due to the multifactorial nature of the many conditions seen in clinic, Osteopathic, Naturopathic and Functional medicine disciplines are often combined in the same follow up appointment to optimise clinical effectiveness. These appointments are scheduled to last one hour fifteen minutes and are charged at £55.  

Initial Colon Hydrotherapy consultation and treatment   


( max 2 hours)

Colonic Follow up    £60 ( max 1 hour 30 minutes)
Massage therapy     

Prices range between £28 and £55 depending on the duration of treatment.  Treatments last between 30 minutes and 2 hours. Please enquire.


Reflexology     £40

 (1 hour)

Counselling £40

(1 hour)


Telephone consultation. By appointment only.

£1.00  per minute

Functional analysis of blood results and clinical investigations 

£0.75p  per minute


The clinic accepts payment by visa and mastercard debit and credit cards, cash and cheques.

BACS (interbank transfer) payments are also accepted in cirtain circumstances.


Important information regarding the clinic's deposit system 

Hamish Tailyour has some of the longest appointment times available for this type of health care and the consultations represent, along with local price comparisons, exceptional value.  As a result we often get fully booked up to 4-6 weeks in advance. However, please don't let that put you off contacting the clinic even when your needs are urgent.  Our fees make this extended type of care and treatment available to more people and that's important to us.  We have an active waiting/cancellation list and we run a strict deposit system to protect our extended time commitment to our patients and this is explained below.

As a condition of booking all appointments are covered by a 50% deposit lodged with the clinic at the time of booking.  This is  made over the phone in the conventional way using a debit or credit card. Many patients use this initial deposit as a rolling deposit if they are receiving a course of treatments.

We reserve the right to use the deposit as a cancellation fee if less than 24 hours notice is given for non-attendance and we will use the deposit if you fail to turn up for an appointment with no notice.  

We do send appointment booking confirmations and apppointment reminders to patients by email.  Please check your email junk box after your initial booking. (Espeacially if you hava a hotmail account)

If you do not have an appointment booked or wish to remove an appointment from the diary and would like your deposit returned please send your bank account number, name and sort code to and we will return the sum by BACS transfer with email confirmation.  

A new deposit will obviously be required for future appointments.


Phone consultations

We do offer phone consultations by appointment only (see fees above).  These are billed by the minute as this is fairer than by blocks (or part thereof) of time.  The sessions are booked in advance, usually by email and the patient calls the clinic at the time of the appointment. If the patient does not call on time and the clinic phone is not engaged on another call the session is charged from the pre-arranged start time. The time is logged and payment is made at the end of the consultation. The calls are patient led to allow maximum efficiency, usually on a question (from the patient) and answer basis.  The clinic can be booked for a number of different phone appointments per evening allowing as much access for patients as possible.  Please try and call on time, thank you.

Results analysis

Analysis of results is also carried out frequently for patients (usually for blood work and MRIs).  Results can be sent in for functional analysis usually by pre arrangement with covering email of letter. Please send clear full page scans.  They can be sent either by email or if by post, by recorded delivery.

Analysis is charged by the minute (see fees above) and a record of the time is logged for the record. The analysis is then either sent to the patient by email, discussed over the phone (see phone consultation above) or can be discussed at the next appointment.

So, as with everything, if you have any questions about our fees and charges please give the clinic a call. 

Other services

The clinic also provides a wide range of health products, supplements, equipment and services, which are available either directly from the clinic or from one of our suppliers. Please see the resources section for more information.

A price will always be given before any orders are finalised.  If you have any questions regarding your supplements or anything is out of stock please call for alternatives.

All our fees are reviewed annually in April but the clinic reserves the right to change them without notice at any time.