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I have gone from a base of repetitive acute tonsillitis and anti-depressants to completely healthy and mentally fit as a fiddle. No more prescriptions drugs! Thanks Hamish, for such simple yet beautifully effective treatment.

I recently made a call to the Clinic for a solution to one in particular problem that I was having. After my first appointment there I came away feeling confident that I was on the right track to improving my health both physically and mentally. The service was extremely professional and informative and I was made to feel totally at ease discussing my health issues with Hamish Tailyour.

After having 6 children and years of stress throughout my studying and working life, my body was pretty much spent, I was constantly tired, craving sugar and caffeine all the time and sluggish at best, now I feel so much better. it's working progress but I am steadily on the mend and feel confident enough now to ditch the prescribed drugs and work with my body. hamish is extremely experienced and has so much knowledge, if he doesn't know, he will know someone that does and is always updating his skills and looking into research development and evidence base for the care he provides to his clients. Fantastic service. I will now even consider switching my children to naturopathic medicine.

Great first appointment- I feel really optimistic thank you Hamish

Excellent, very knowledgeable and lengthy consultation pitched at just the right level for my 12 year old son.