Occasionally it may be required to gain new or further medical imaging before safe and effective treatment can commence.  We usually refer for medical imaging if the results will radically alter the direction of the treatment plan. We keep the imaging requirements to an appropriate minimum depending on an individual's needs and the degree of clinical uncertainty expressed in the presenting case.

Imaging can be required when there are suspected fractures, joint dislocations, disc prolapses, and a large range of undiagnosed pathologies.

Medical imaging includes a wide range of modalities and when imaging is not able to be performed by the NHS via your GP then the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic uses the excellent services of Easy Imaging, a consultant led, cost effective imaging service, based here in Plymouth.

Any imaging requirements will be fully discussed with the patient and the appropriate imaging (and no more) will be organised quickly with a minimum waiting time.  The consultants at Easy Imaging will provide a report with the imaging and decisions can then be made as to the best course of action, always considering the whole person and the context of their condition(s).