Neck pain, like back pain, is a common condition seen here at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic. Whilst the presentation of neck pain will always depend very much on the individual, as osteoapths we will look to find the possible causes. Similar to back pain, neck pain could be result of poor posture, especially when driving and with desk based computer use, particularly with a laptop or the result of a road traffic accident or fall. If after a full consultation the pain is determined to have a bio-mechanical origin, i.e. caused by a dysfunction of the muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons of the neck, then it is possible that we may be able to help relieve the symptoms and improve the functioning of your neck using osteopathic techniques.

Some neck pain can be a sign or symptom of other conditions that are not appropriate for treatment by osteopathy but if, after a consultation, the cause of the pain is considered to be emanating from a muscle or joint, or from a structural or functional compensation then osteopathic treatment may well be able to affect positive change.

Osteopaths treat the whole body and rarely do we treat the painful area in isolation. At the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic any treatment will always be fully explained and you will be encouraged to ask questions about the care you are receiving. For example some neck pain could be due to poor functioning in your back and pelvis.

Your treatment will use a range of appropriate techniques. These may include, physical mobilisation and manipulation; different types of stretching and strengthening techniques; and massage to increase the mobility of joints, to relieve muscle tension and to enhance the blood and nerve supply to tissues, therefore helping your body’s own healing mechanisms. Providing advice on posture and exercise to aid recovery and help prevent symptoms recurring is also part of the treatment for neck pain.