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Testimonial letter 7 November 2016

Thank you, a new ray of light in my life. Here's to better mental health and overall well being"
"The initial consultation was very thorough and informative. I was quite surprised by how simple my first set of changes were. So I implemented the advice Hamish had given and straight away started getting positive results. My energy levels improved very quickly and my confidence has started to climb as well. I became so excited about my second appointment that I arrived an hour early at the clinic! The day after and I am already implementing the advice and loving every minute. Thank you, a new ray of light in my life. Here's to better mental health and overall well being.
A friend recommended this clinic to me. As it's an hour's drive from where I live I did give it serious consideration before committing. As a Cornish woman it has to be a very entising carrot to get me over the Tamar. On arriving I was greeted with a warm cosy waiting room with drinks made available. Hamish soon introduced himself and I was put at ease straight away. I came away feeling very optimistic and excited for the future. Thank goodness I made the committment. I can't recommend this experience highly enough. There's work involved but it's worth every effort."

Treatment Received: Holistic Health Consultation

Vicky (40)



Testimonial letter 8 June 2015

All my life I have suffered from a variety of illnesses. These include-childhood illness, teenage illness, adult illness and now at 63 years old, aging illnesses,/ Theses include Measles, mumps, Bouts of elevated temperature, anaemia, and a depleted immune system, IBS, ME, High cholesterol, Boarder line RA and multiple viral infections etc. Consequently I was absent from school for a large part of my education and was medically retired twice, from the Civil service and more recently from the NHS.

My acupuncturist recommended Hamish to me over 4 years ago and I have never looked back. That was my first step to liberation from pain and freedom from the effects of many of the debilitating conditions outlined above.  For example my cholesterol was registered 9 and after following advice from Hamish regarding adjustments to lifestyle, supplements etc. my recent blood tests showed this had been reduced to a remarkable 3.5.

Similarly in February 2015, my bloods indicated a raised Rheumatoid factor of 37iU/ml and a Plasma C reactive protein of 4mg/l.  These results would usually lead to a referral to Rheumatology and potentially a life time of medication.  I worked closely with Hamish and my bloods were re-taken in April 2015 and due to the advice, support and adherence to diet and lifestyle this was reduced to a Rheumatoid factor of 22iU/ml and a Plasma C reactive count of 1mg/ml = normal.

Furthermore, what is vital to me is maintaining the principle of autonomy, i.e. the practice of “working with” and not “doing to”.

Working with Hamish gives me the confidence that should other health issues arise in the future, they will be addressed with the same commitment and efficacy.  We have developed a dynamic partnership and a common aim, to establish good sustainable health for the future.

In conclusion, Hamish has transformed my health and consequently my quality of life.

Claudine (63) 


"I have seen a dramatic improvement in pain levels"

I sought treatment at the Plymouth Naturopathic clinic to help with chronic lower back pain, constant tiredness and IBS and have been receiving treatment since March 2014. My symptoms were such that I was having to adapt my lifestyle as I found my leisure activities of riding, yoga and running painful. I had also adapted my diet, excluding some foods as, at times, some foods caused attacks of IBS. In addition, I had come to a point where I was taking time off work: my job necessitates driving long distances and at times and I found I was in too much pain to drive. I have and continue to been treated with a combination of osteopathy and naturopathy. The naturopathic approach has seen me review and adapt not only what I eat and but also how I eat and drink. What seemed like simple solutions had an immediate effect on my IBS symptoms and over time they have resolved completely. My new approach to what and how I eat does not feel restrictive, indeed, the advice from the clinic was that it is counterproductive to become obsessive about diet so I can enjoy a treat too! I have experienced back pain for many years. As there seemed to be several things causing the problems an MRI scan was recommended in order establish exactly what was going on and to enable treatment to be planned accordingly. My treatment is an ongoing process which is carried out on a consultative basis; as one problem is resolved it usually leads to another area to work on. Hamish has described this process as “peeling the layers of an onion”. In addition to the improvements gained from osteopathy, the problems I experience with my back have also benefited from my change in diet with pain levels becoming more manageable. At this stage in the process, I have seen a dramatic improvement in pain levels; I estimate a 60 -80% improvement currently and my energy levels are dramatically increased. In addition to naturopathy and osteopathy I have also worked with Hamish to develop a yoga-based exercise routine which I do most days. My treatment process is ongoing: I feel very happy to have found a clinic where a consultative and inclusive approach is used. I have found my treatment to be exceptional value for money and would highly recommend the clinic and in particular Hamish Tailyour
My experience of the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic began with a Google search which led me to their website which was comprehensive and informative. I then spoke on the phone with Hamish Tailyour and having talked about my symptoms and possible approaches, I arranged my first appointment. I arrived for my first visit to find the waiting area at the clinic itself spotless and at the same time, relaxed and comfortable which immediately put me at ease. During my appointment Hamish was extremely thorough in discussing my history and went on to outline what he felt the best approach to improving my symptoms would be. He explained very clearly that he works on a consultative basis. We discussed both naturopathy and osteopathy during this session. Hamish then carried out an osteopathic assessment and some treatment. A huge plus for the clinic is that the ethos is to have longer appointment times (an hour to an hour and a half) than I have experienced in other clinics. I feel this allows for more detailed discussion, more comprehensive treatment and ultimately a faster recovery I would highly recommend this clinic and in particular Hamish Tailyour for anyone with complex issues who is looking for a consultative approach in improving their health. The clinic is highly professional and extremely easy to engage wit. As a result of working with them, my health has improved enormously. 

Catharine (48)


Hamish, Happy New Year. It seems an age since I left Plymouth. Needless to say an awful lot has occurred.  I thought I’d take a quiet moment to say thanks for your osteopathic and naturopathic nutritional help last summer. The half marathon in September went to plan and more importantly the Everest Base Camp trek was fantastic. It was far more challenging than I could’ve anticipated. Thanks very much for your help and support. I am sure your efforts helped me enjoy the experience out in Nepal far more than would otherwise have been the case.   Many Thanks,    Tony (44) after 6 treatments


I can not believe how much even your simple advice has helped.  It has been a definite challenge to implement, probably showing me how bad my habits were before, but the results have relay encouraged me to continue, thank you.  Donna, (32) after 1st appointment.   


The supplements have really had a positive effect, thank you for taking your time to explain why how they could benefit me. I was not expecting them to have such a positive influence on my inflammatory condition.   Wendy (54) after three months and three appointments


Even with that simple advice, and with your explanation, I can see how it is so relevant to my problems over the years… you have inspired me to make a start and I am encouraged to implement the changes.  Paul (61)


Things are definitely improving well and in the realistic time you initially advised. My neck is freer than it’s ever been and my physical recovery time has significantly reduced. Putting your foundational advice into practice over the last three months has made a massive difference.  Anne (48) horse rider and IBS sufferer