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"I have seen a dramatic improvement in pain levels"

I sought treatment at the Plymouth Naturopathic clinic to help with chronic lower back pain, constant tiredness and IBS and have been receiving treatment since March 2014. My symptoms were such that I was having to adapt my lifestyle as I found my leisure activities of riding, yoga and running painful. I had also adapted my diet, excluding some foods as, at times, some foods caused attacks of IBS. In addition, I had come to a point where I was taking time off work: my job necessitates driving long distances and at times and I found I was in too much pain to drive. I have and continue to been treated with a combination of osteopathy and naturopathy. The naturopathic approach has seen me review and adapt not only what I eat and but also how I eat and drink. What seemed like simple solutions had an immediate effect on my IBS symptoms and over time they have resolved completely. My new approach to what and how I eat does not feel restrictive, indeed, the advice from the clinic was that it is counterproductive to become obsessive about diet so I can enjoy a treat too! I have experienced back pain for many years. As there seemed to be several things causing the problems an MRI scan was recommended in order establish exactly what was going on and to enable treatment to be planned accordingly. My treatment is an ongoing process which is carried out on a consultative basis; as one problem is resolved it usually leads to another area to work on. Hamish has described this process as “peeling the layers of an onion”. In addition to the improvements gained from osteopathy, the problems I experience with my back have also benefited from my change in diet with pain levels becoming more manageable. At this stage in the process, I have seen a dramatic improvement in pain levels; I estimate a 60 -80% improvement currently and my energy levels are dramatically increased. In addition to naturopathy and osteopathy I have also worked with Hamish to develop a yoga-based exercise routine which I do most days. My treatment process is ongoing: I feel very happy to have found a clinic where a consultative and inclusive approach is used. I have found my treatment to be exceptional value for money and would highly recommend the clinic and in particular Hamish Tailyour
My experience of the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic began with a Google search which led me to their website which was comprehensive and informative. I then spoke on the phone with Hamish Tailyour and having talked about my symptoms and possible approaches, I arranged my first appointment. I arrived for my first visit to find the waiting area at the clinic itself spotless and at the same time, relaxed and comfortable which immediately put me at ease. During my appointment Hamish was extremely thorough in discussing my history and went on to outline what he felt the best approach to improving my symptoms would be. He explained very clearly that he works on a consultative basis. We discussed both naturopathy and osteopathy during this session. Hamish then carried out an osteopathic assessment and some treatment. A huge plus for the clinic is that the ethos is to have longer appointment times (an hour to an hour and a half) than I have experienced in other clinics. I feel this allows for more detailed discussion, more comprehensive treatment and ultimately a faster recovery I would highly recommend this clinic and in particular Hamish Tailyour for anyone with complex issues who is looking for a consultative approach in improving their health. The clinic is highly professional and extremely easy to engage wit. As a result of working with them, my health has improved enormously. 

Catharine (48) 


What I love about your osteopathic appointments is the time you take; not just in finding out what is going on and listening but in the doing the treatment to. I never feel that you rush the treatment which is different from previous people I have seen.

Julia (29) Suffering from chronic back and neck pain from a series of falls from her horse and a sedentary job. (Continuing monthly treatments)


“My knee pain has steadily reduced. I have had no negative reaction to the heel insert and it now feels uncomfortable and strange not to have it. It feels as though this has really helped the knee and the osteopathy is doing the trick." David (44) presenting with knee pain from a fall and increase in running training. (after three treatments)


Hamish, Happy New Year. It seems an age since I left Plymouth. Needless to say an awful lot has occurred.  I thought I’d take a quiet moment to say thanks for your osteopathic and naturopathic nutritional help last summer. The half marathon in September went to plan and more importantly the Everest Base Camp trek was fantastic. It was far more challenging than I could’ve anticipated. Thanks very much for your help and support. I am sure your efforts helped me enjoy the experience out in Nepal far more than would otherwise have been the case.   Many Thanks,    Tony (44) after 6 treatments


“Someone has just said to me ‘I see you are walking better today’ and its true I haven’t walked so well for a long time – Great stuff, thank you.” Rich (60) By email, suffering with chronic lower back and leg pain 18 months after a hip replacement operation. (after first treatment)


"I always feel better and more able to live in my body after my osteopathic treatment with you." Catharine (95) suffering from Chronic lower back pain (continuing weekly treatments)


"The osteopathy has really loosened up my shoulders and I have had the first pain free and painkiller free night’s sleep for ages. My shoulders feel just so much freer and moving as they should."

Kate (60) suffering from ME and bilateral shoulder pain (after four treatments)