Although most of the patients who chose to make an appointment at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic do so because they have a particular condition or set of symptoms they are concerned about, some patients present because of confusion as to the best way forward for them. We can be your naturopathic, nutritional, and physical functioning sounding board.

There is so much information available now that it is easy to get muddled and ultimately disheartened with poor results, despite having tried ‘everything’. Often however none of the advice out here has been written with your unique set of circumstances in mind. The uniqueness of you and your situation can not be over stated. That’s where a consultation at the clinic may be very useful. Starting with the rebuilding of the foundations for good health can often help clarify the situation. Continuing to optimise your health potential from wherever your current starting point is may well provide results and the ability to manage your situation not previously achieved. As mentioned in the introduction to this common conditions section, the clinic’s goal is to make us redundant in your care as quickly as possible, but always available when required, supporting you throughout life; helping you to develop optimum and sustainable wellness solutions.