These diverse range of conditions are a common part of modern life and when poorly managed can quickly become debilitating to the individual. Whilst not always seen together these conditions are often related and are not always well managed with medication alone. There is also still a social taboo restricting open discussions relating to this area of health but many patients present to clinic with one or a combination of these conditions as part of their symptom picture.

Here at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic our long consultation times ensure that we have the time to listen. Whilst we are not psychotherapists there is often much that may be done to promote better mental health though naturopathic nutrition and lifestyle advice and that is what we specialise in. Patients often report that a combination of work between their counsellor or psychotherapist and a naturopath has provided them with the most sustainable and stable path. Of course stress, anxiety and depression can also be caused by the pain and disability of a chronic physical health condition, such as lower back or neck pain, lower back irritable bowel syndrome and bloating and if these are part of the cause then you may find that a naturopathic and osteoapthic consultation and subsequent advice is very beneficial to your health.

During my degrees in psychology and in human nutrition Hamish specialised in researching the influence of food on mood in general and depression in particular and there is strong emerging evidence to suggest that nutritional medicine has a role to play in mental wellbeing. A naturopathic approach to these conditions may well be of benefit as there are many different approaches that can be taken depending on your individual presentation. Functional medicine has a role to play and with the development and use of various screening tools we can determine likely treatment paths that could help, depending on the prevalence of any of these presenting conditions.

Research by Metagenics in Australia and New Zealand has pioneered the use of proprietary blends of supplements and herbs in the treatment of these conditions supported by a growing body of evidence. Many of these protocols are available through the clinic and they will be discussed at the time of your appointment.