Nature, time and patience are three great physicians - HG Bogn

As you would expect the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic offers a range of naturopathic and integrated treatments.  Please follow the links on the right for further information and or read below to find out more about the Naturopathic approach to health.

Naturopathic medicine at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic.

Naturopathic Medicine is the system of primary health care which works with the individual’s own efforts towards the optimal expression of physiological, physical, and mental/emotional health.

It is an integrated approach to health care which aims to promote, restore and maintain health. The following three principles underpin the broad practice of Naturopathy:

The Healing Power of Nature: The body has an innate self-healing or self-correcting and self-regulating mechanisms to maintain health.

  • Whether from an evolutional of creationist point of view you are natural. Your body has grown, repaired and managed itself since your conception. Time spent in your environment has added positive and negative influences; compromises and adaptions that make you you. If you are in a state of dis-ease, and have tried many other avenues without lasting success we may be able to help.

The Uniqueness of the Individual: People are genetically, biochemically, structurally and emotionally different from  one another.

  • We all have grown up, lived and worked in different environments, with differing philosophies and approaches to life. Each person responds in a unique way to these influences whether they are mental/emotional, structural, nutritional, social or cultural. Therefore in full recognition of this uniqueness your consultation will consider these interrelating factors and provide you with a personal approach towards health; developing sustainable steps and as always striving to make the journey achievable and enjoyable.

The Triad of Health, which illustrates the connection and interaction between the Biochemical and Environmental, the  Structural and Biomechanical, and the Psychological, Social, Spiritual and  Mental and Emotional components of  human beings.


  • Dysfunction in one area invariably leads to illness in that area and disruption elsewhere.  The reverse often applies to health and healing; improving one area may help other areas to recover or function better. This understanding forms the foundations on which your consultation and treatment will be built.

Hamish holds degrees in, Nutrition, Psychology and Osteopathy, therefore covering these fundamental areas of health described in this Triad of Health.  His breadth of knowledge and experience results in minimal cross referral in the initial stages of treatment, providing time and cost effective consultations without the need to see multiple therapists.  However, timely and appropriate referral to other health care providers does represent a vital aspect of the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinics ethos.  And with this in mind the clinic has and continues to developed close relationships with local providers of all aspects of health care, both conventional and those not available through the NHS.

A little philosophy

At the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic we also recognise (but are not unique in doing so) the following statements as vital for true health:

  • Health is more than the absence of disease or alleviation of symptoms. It is dependent upon a multitude of  factors and is a reflection of a harmonious and sustainable interaction with our social and physical  environment.
  • Acute diseases processes differ from chronic processes. The acute response is the body’s attempt to restore  health. Suppression of such healing processes contributes to the potential for chronic compromise or loss of  function.
  • The individual requires suitable foods for nourishment, clean water, fresh air and sunlight, as well as appropriate  exercise, rest and relaxation.
  • Prevention is preferable to cure or symptom management.

We will also always seek to:

  • Do no harm.
  • Employ methods which work with the body’s healing ability and self-correcting mechanisms and consider very carefully, and possibly avoid, treatments which may work against these mechanisms and which suppress  acute  diseases of symptoms.
  • Use empirical or practice based evidence to underpin any assessment, advice or treatment.
  • Deal with underlying causes of dysfunction wherever possible.
  • Reduce the burden of contributing factors. It may not always be possible to identify the underlying causes of the  problem, but often a number of contributory factors can be identified in the working diagnosis.
  • Establish health on a cellular level by improving circulation and innervation, nutrition, detoxification and  elimination.
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to use short term measures which assist in the removal of symptoms for the  comfort or safety of the individual; however it is important to also employ long-term health restoration  measures.
  • Attempt to address all aspects of the Naturopathic Triad of Health.
  • Employ simple treatments before more complex or radical approaches or considered, where appropriate and  possible.
  • Support patients’ efforts in gaining and maintaining control of their own health.

 What to Expect on a visit to the Clinic

At the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic we are committed to the committed patient.

We want to inspire, encourage and support you to reach and maintain your health goals; to maximise your potential as a human being, from wherever your starting point may currently be.

Therefore we regard education and co-operation of the patient as highly as the treatment itself.  This may sound and feel like a very different approach to your health… Please don’t feel daunted for it is often a wonderful journey.

We will help you to address the internal and external factors which may be contributing to the problem and guide you towards a personally realistic lifestyle which is more conducive to health.

We aim to identify the causative factors which are creating functional disturbance. This would include evidence of both sub-clinical disease and any gross pathology. In order to make an assessment it is necessary to recognise that:

  • Underlying causes of dysfunction should be identified where possible.
  • Structural, biochemical and mental/emotional factors may all contribute to the patient’s condition.
  • The individual genetic make-up of the patient, and the environment (with its epigenetic influence) are  predisposing factors in the expression of disease and will contribute to the individual’s experience of that  disease.
  • There is often multifarious causation. A diverse range of factors may play a role in disease processes. There is  usually a cumulative effect of predisposing factors and a final excitatory or trigger factor.

If any illness, disease state, or pathology is present, where the most appropriate course of action is referral to your GP, this will be explained and appropriate advice given. A letter outlining the clinical findings will usually accompany this referral to your GP.

Naturopathic assessment may include the following elements:

  • A thorough case history
  • Analysis of lifestyle, environment and family history
  • A relevant clinical examination
  • Relevant clinical testing
  • Laboratory testing
  • The encouragement, at all times, for the patient to ask questions and receive informed consent throughout the    assessment and treatment, and at no time feeling unsure of what is being done.

At the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic we pride ourselves on an exceptional level of patient centred care. 


An integral part of the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic includes appropriate and relevant education for the patient in all elements of healthy living.

Principles supporting this education

  • Recognise the level of knowledge and acceptance of an individual and assist them in gaining insight into their health.
  • Lead by example. Naturopaths must make efforts to follow a lifestyle which is complementary to these guidelines.
  • Recognise that the individual plays an essential part in their own health restoration.
  • Guide the patients into accepting a realistic level of responsibility for their own health.
  • Generate a healthy independence from, rather than dependence on, the practitioner.

In Practice

Here at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic we offer well informed Naturopathic advice in the following areas:

  • The Naturopathic principles of health and disease, how the patient became unwell, what is keeping them unwell, how they can get well and how they can stay well.
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Diet and nutrition, including nutritional supplementation.
  • Detoxification including fasting and elimination.
  • Physical exercise, treatment and injury rehabilitation through Osteopathy 
  • Management of many acute and chronic diseases.
  • Breathing and breathing exercises.
  • Relaxation and stress management.
  • Natural fertility awareness.
  • Preconceptual care
  • Depression, anxiety and stress related problems

The educational aspect on the clinic is available in the form of evening talks/forums/discussions.  For more information and a list of dates and topics please contact the clinic.

For further information as to the treatments and services provided please refer to the menu at the top right of this page.