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Reviewed 15 Dec 2016

"Feel amazing afterwards"
"Well having had 2 treatments now I can truly say both have been extremely beneficial. Firstly colonic and secondly a naturopathic consulaltation. So onwards and upwards!
Hamish makes you feel at ease and comfortable and some treatments are pretty intrusive! But that said, you'll be made to feel calm and very relaxed and what's more feel amazing afterwards! I'd highly recommend this clinic."

Treatment Received: Colon Hydrotherapy and Naturopathy 


Reviewed 29 Nov 2016

"Thank you!"
"Some gentle manipulation of my long since contracted and some overstretched muscles, Mild exercise and vitamin supplement advice. This treatment is for my very long term chronic pain in most of my body which about 15 years ago was diagnosed as Fibro Myalgia
Very calm and relaxed environment. At first I did not act on the supplement advice, but gave in in the end on the grounds I paid Hamish for the advice therefore I should give it a go. After approximately two weeks of taking the supplements, but still doing the exercises as well, my overall pain level is much reduced and I now have more better days than bad ones. Thank you so far Hamish"

Treatment Received: Osteopathy



Patient Reviews of Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic

Reviewed 20 June 2016"I would thoroughly recommend the clinic."
"I've been seeing Hamish for both osteopathy and naturopathy for the last year and he has worked wonders. It's been a long journey but I had spent a long time being unwell and I feel that I'm now on the path to long term good health and fitness.

Hamish is very approachable, professional, and clearly is passionate about what he does. It's g
reat to receive treatment from someone who remains up to date as his fields of practice progress and evolve. I would thoroughly recommend the clinic."
Reviewed 14 June 2016"I thoroughly recommend treatment from Hamish"
"I see Hamish for my nutrition, and today for osteopathic manipulation also. The nutritional help he has given me has enabled me, for the first time since my diagnosis of M.S., over 30 years now, to eat foods that are physically helping me, and I feel and am told, are helping with my mood. I have today, also received osteopathic treatment from Hamish and have not felt this good physically, since I was last able to walk with no crutches!

I first went to see Hamish after some persuasion from my wife and friends and thought the clinic, from first attendance to be highly professional, though very welcoming. Although I thoroughly recommend treatment from Hamish, I don't want his caseload to get much bigger, so that I can see him regularly as much as I need."

September 2015

"My skin has never looked better"

I have been suffering from an inflammatory skin condition (rosacea) for nearly 40 years. The symptoms were pretty typical with reddening/flushing, papules and pustules, extreme sensitivity and patches of dry and flaking skin - not a good look. Unfortunately the medical profession are divided on the cause of this condition and many theories are put forward therefore treatment is difficult. The effect upon my life was profound and I suffered very low self-esteem and recurring bouts of depression. I followed the traditional course of treatment of antibiotics (oral and topical) and a gentle skin care routine. I had periods of remission but lots of flare ups. My immune system was absolutely wrecked from the over use of antibiotics and they didn't work any longer. I had a particularly bad flare up that I just couldn't get under control and started looking for other ways that might help. I came across an article in a magazine by a well-known celebrity who suffered from the same condition which had been effectively cured by taking the naturopathic route so I began my research. I realised that the internet whilst incredibly helpful, left me very confused as to how I should approach such a course of treatment and realised I needed a professional who could explain it all to me and put me on the right path. I found Hamish and made an appointment. I was given advice about eating and drinking; and advice on some specific supplements to complement a few that I was already taking. I was given advice about nutrition exercise, sleep pattern and managing stress. Within a very short space of time - a few weeks at most - I noticed a gradual improvement. The spots became fewer, the redness subsided and the flushing rarely happens any more. As time went on the improvement continued and I can say with confidence that my skin has never looked better and I would go so far as to say it now looks normal. I sincerely wish I had found this method of treatment many many years ago and would highly recommend this approach to anyone suffering from such conditions - it has literally saved my life.
I chose Hamish's clinic because I liked the website and the reviews it contained and also because it was situated in the locality where I lived. The clinic has a professional yet homely and welcoming feel about it which I liked very much. I even spotted courgettes and herbs growing in the courtyard which made me smile. I found Hamish to be awe inspiring - his knowledge and energy lifted my spirits enormously and I knew he could help me. He took the time to listen to me, to explain how and why the body reacts as it does and how a naturopathic and holistic approach was the way forward. I cannot rate my experience and outcomes highly enough.

Susan (58)


June 2015

I just wanted to express my appreciation of your service and as you reminded me I have been seeing you since October '14, I have developed physically and mentally and as the sessions are of sufficient time there is always more we can express without having it (hence this email).  I will recommend your services to my yoga group and I feel that these go hand in hand and have helped me personally and would benefit others greatly.  Once again thank you so much for your help, you inspire, teach and as a woman you make me feel comfortable with the colonic treatment. I'm very happy to have met you.

Karen (34)


June 2015 

Dear Hamish ,

It was good to meet you and the colonic was probably the best I have had, no ill effects at all. So thank you and for the advice too. 

I look forward to the next visit.

Best wishes

Lucy (75)


Mandi 18th January 2015 - Colon Hydrotherapy

"I would definitely recommend this clinic"

I have been considering colon hydrotherapy for a while now, Amongst other things i started to suffer with depression and anxiety and from there had stomach and reflux problems. I researched a number of private clinics and read the client reviews. This clinic, by far, had the best overall reviews. I spoke with Hamish over the telephone about what I hoped to gain from seeing him, I felt very comfortable speaking with him and so i made an appointment. I went to the clinic and sat in the waiting room a minute. I was taken through by Hamish and we sat for a good hour, I wasn't sure what to expect as I'd never been to a private clinic before. I had pictured maybe an interview style line of questions, but I was very much at ease with Hamish as soon as we'd started talking. We spoke at length about my health and the effects my symptoms had on my life. Once Hamish and I decided colon hydrotherapy may be a good starting point for me he fully explained what was going to happen, showed me the equipment and told me what I could expect and acknowledged i was nervous and that this was a normal reaction. I felt as comfortable as I possibly could, given this was my 1st treatment, it was a strange experience. After the treatment we sat for another half hour and talked about the treatment and ideas he had to help me to get well again. I came away feeling really hopeful, that maybe my GP might have been wrong about getting used to living this way. I have another appointment booked in 2 weeks time. I would most definitely recommend this clinic to my friends & family.


James, 3rd Feb 2014 - Treatments: Hydrotherapy

Absolutley first class! The clinic is relaxing and Hamish immediately set me at ease and engaged me in some fascinating conversation. I was genuinely shocked by just how much interest Hamish took in every aspect of what I was saying. I visited the clinic on numerous occasions for Hydrotherepy and a general well being over view and found the facilities and Hamish himself fantastic. I've recommended PNC to friends and family and can't rate the service highly enough!


Charlotte, 20th December 2013

Excellent, very knowledgeable and lengthy consultation pitched at just the right level for my 12 year old son


Mark, 17th January 2014 - Colonic Irrigation

I was very pleased with the professional treatment and in-depth relaxed consultation to get to the root of my personal situation. I learned invaluable tools and advice to help me on a daily basis. Highly recommended. I felt more settled, content, and wiser after the appointment.


Jaqueline, 2nd December 2013 - Naturopathy/osteopathy

I  am extremely pleased with the results and service provided at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic. I have been going there for several months for both osteopathy and naturopathy. I have attended with issues such as anxiety and digestive problems and also due to an issue with my shoulder neck and hips. The practitioners go above and beyond what is expected and I was extremely impressed with the amount of one to one time you receive as you are not just seen and then have a quick treatment and you're out the door. Everything is explained in depth and I can honestly say I have not felt this good in a long time. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone as I have experienced different treatments here and could not speak highly enough of the practitioner, price and the clinic.


Consultation re Crohn's disease and issues related to this condition. Also received a number of osteopathy sessions.

I found my treatment with Hamish to be really beneficial. I saw Hamish at a time when I felt at the end of my tether and completely confused from my own research into how best to manage my condition. Hamish supported me through a particularly difficult flare up of my symptoms and made himself available at short notice when I was struggling. The sessions felt relaxed and Hamish was very generous with his time. As a patient, I really felt that Hamish was on my side during the treatment, I was never rushed and always came away from appointments with a clear plan. Hamish is very knowledgeable and certainly does his homework and I am in a much stronger position having attended the clinic. Unfortunately I was only in Plymouth for a few months or I would still be seeing Hamish on a regular basis now. I cannot recommend Hamish's services enough.


Treatments osteopathic and naturopathic treatment

I am very pleased with the results of the treatments. The price was very reasonable and both practitioners I saw for different appointments were very generous with their time. I received a lot of very valuable information and advice and am happy to recommend the clinic to anyone who is looking for a high quality health treatment.


Colonic Therapy

I recently made a call to the clinic for a solution to one particular problem that I was having. After my first appointment there I came away feeling confident that I was on the right track to improving my health both physically and mentally. The service was extremely professional and informative and I was made to feel totally at ease discussing my health issues with Hamish Tailyour.


Colonic Irrigation

I attended a consultation at the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic and met with Hamish Tailyour. The premises were extremely well set out, maintained and professional. Hamish instantly put me at ease and explained that he wanted to undertake a full assessment of my health - both present and past. After this he explained how the Colon Hydrotherapy would work, all the time ensuring that I was comfortable. During the treatment, Hamish continued to make sure I was relaxed and ensure there was no embarrassment felt. I found the whole experience to be strangely comforting and look forward to continuing to work with the Plymouth Naturopathic Centre to ensure my optimum well being.


Colonic Irrigation

Fantastic friendly clinic. Spotlessly clean, with kind and understanding staff. Treatment was top notch. Staff very friendly and very good at making you feel relaxed.


Nutritional Counselling

The price was as quoted and I'm very pleased. Hamish is very knowledgeable and has lots of tools in his professional bag with which to work. It went really well. I learnt and understood more about why my body was reacting the way it was to certain foods. It was a lot more relaxing then i first imagined it would be. Completely professional throughout.I was immediately put at ease and was delighted with the time and care taken to understand my situation. The consultations and treatments exceeded my expectations and I am confident that I now have the knowledge to manage my problem with the bonus of knowing where to go for help and reassurance should I need it. I thoroughly recommend the Plymouth Naturopathic Clinic.